Everyone is doing everything to make the US dollar lower

There may come a time when the dollar’s exchange value is going to fall substantially. Everyone in the world, it seems, is doing everything they can to make it go lower.

From politicians to central bankers, there’s at least a realization today that a higher dollar value against most other currencies is bad for everyone on both sides of it.

The federal government has certainly played up to its presumed role in the dollar crash, too. Unbelievable deficits, insane levels of cash, and on and on. And with the dollar moving lower since around May.

For the better part of the last half-year, that’s all anyone is talking about again. Inflation, money printing, the Federal Reserve doing way too much. And that’s just what the Fed Governor Jay Powell wants. That’s how monetary policy works, getting people to talk about inflation.

Once another QE comes out, everyone forgets about how the last one which was advertised came out as the greatest, most awesome money printing ever.

But we in Loquidity can tell – even foreign politicians and central bankers can tell – there is something not right with the dollar system.

The dollar can go lower against a broad range of currencies, but it never seems to crash. Like right now. The global economy looks like it is rebounding or picking up, but even foreign officials understand it’s not the same thing as recovery because it never accelerates into full inflation and full recovery.


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