INVESTED: $285,000

TARGET: $285,000



Loquidity is providing the opportunity to invest in Loquidity (Mista-Way), LLC, an entity that will be acquiring (2) Class C apartment buildings containing 16 units in Allendale, MI. The (2) buildings (The Property) are located 16 miles to the west of Grand Rapids, MI.  The Property is also three miles west of Grand Valley State University, Michigan’s 5th largest university.  

The primary objective of this investment is to acquire, renovate, operate, and sell the property in 5 years.  It is being purchased at an attractive price of $31,250 per unit. Through execution of the intended business plan, it is estimated that the each unit will be worth $44,018 in year 5.

In this transaction, Loquidity investors will invest in Loquidity (Mista-Way), LLC (The Company), the entity that will hold title to the Property. 

The Company will be obtaining a loan that will be personally guaranteed by the officers of Loquidity, LLC.